Save on International Used Plant Machinery Sales

Save on International Used Plant Machinery Sales

International Currency Solutions…..

Whether you need to send a one-off payment abroad to pay for your new & used machinery, or you wish to set up a regular money transfer to a supplier!!

UK Plant Traders have Joint forces with the UK’s leading Foreign Exchange companies Cornhill FX. We can ensure that every FX money transfer is securer fast and reliable, all funds are transferred abroad using the SWIFT system which is the fastest and most secure method of sending payments around the world.

Domestic transfers are made using CHAPS same day delivery. Our dedicated partners will keep clients informed at all times as to the status of you transaction.

Cornhill FX specialise in providing FX services for small to medium size companies who have historically used their Bank’s default currency exchange mechanisms and received very uncompetitive rates in the process.

They bridge the gap between the inter-bank rates and the rates a client would receive from a High Street Bank. Their able to achieve these significantly better rates by leveraging off the cumulative volume of currency transactions from companies and clients within the Cornhill Group.


Client Benefits 

  • Pricing – Cornhill FX Offer the most competitive exchange rates 
  • Security – All funds are held in segregated accounts with Barclays or Deutsche Bank 
  • Service –  Individual account manager for each client you refer, ensuring the highest levels of expertise
  • Currencies – We trade in all majors, along with the majority of minor currency pairs 


Risk Management

  • Cornhill FX could secure prices up to 1 year forward to protect from any adverse movements in the FX market, (this is a key risk management tool when investing abroad)
  • 24 hour order system – allows clients to benefit (or protect) from overnight exchange rate movements Free international currency transfers – all funds are sent by SWIFT, usually arriving in the destination account within 24 hours