New Doosan and Bobcat Products at Plantworx 2017

New Doosan and Bobcat Products at Plantworx 2017

New products from the company’s Doosan Heavy, Bobcat and Doosan Portable Power ranges will be on view for the first time in the UK on the Doosan Bobcat EMEA stand at the Plantworx Exhibition being held from 6-8 June 2017 at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome in Leicestershire. 

These will include the new Doosan Stage IV compliant DX225LC-5 21 tonne crawler excavator, the new 16.5 tonne DX165W-5 short tail wheeled excavator, the new Bobcat 1.7 tonne E17Z Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) canopy excavator and the T40.180SLP and T36.120SL models from the new range of Bobcat rigid frame telehandlers.  There will also be plenty to see in the working area with Doosan and Bobcat products being put through their paces, including a demonstration of the versatility offered by Bobcat loaders and attachments aimed at a wide range of jobs.  Completing the picture are the latest generators, portable compressors and light towers from Doosan Portable Power including the first showing of the new 7/41TTG compressor-generator incorporating a new on-board 8.5 kVA generator.

New High Performing 21 tonne Excavator

Presented in the distinctive new machine styling scheme common to all new Doosan LC-5 generation excavators, the DX225LC-5 offers an unmatched combination of high performance, operating features, fuel efficiency, reliability and durability in the 21 tonne excavator class.  The DX225LC-5 is powered by the 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06P water-cooled diesel engine, providing a high power output of 124 kW (166 HP) at 1800 RPM. 

The DX225LC-5 therefore combines plenty of power with high torque at a lower number of revolutions, ensuring higher reliability over time than other 21 tonne machines, which have 4-cylinder engines running at much higher revs.  In addition, the DX225LC-5 offers very good performance levels in terms of speed, force and noise, especially the traction force and slew torque which are much higher than those in other machines. 

New Short Tail Wheeled Excavator

The new 16.5 tonne DX165W-5 Stage IV compliant wheeled excavator is a short tail machine that is perfect for jobs in tight spaces, particularly in urban areas or on narrow roads with heavy traffic.  The DX165W-5 is built with the same undercarriage as the DX160W-3 model, providing an optimal centre of gravity thanks to the long wheel base and the ideal weight distribution.  The DX165W-5 also features a new generation of heavy duty ZF axles offering the best possible dynamic and static axle load.  The DX165W-5 can lift 5.87 tonne at 4.5 m reach over the front (at 3 m high) and 4.28 tonne over the side.  This is a better performance than any other short tail wheeled excavator in its class. 

New E17Z ZTS Compact Excavator

The new E17Z model completes Bobcat’s 1-2 tonne range of compact excavators.  The E17Z provides an unmatched combination of features for a machine of this size, from ZTS and the roomy and comfortable operator area to the ease of transport thanks to a shipping weight close to 1.6 tonne; its impressive digging forces and working range; the smoothness of the workgroup functions; the fast hydraulic performance in terms of low cycle times and its reliability, durability and easy service access. 

The E17Z has a standard operating weight of 1749 kg and a maximum digging depth of 2249 mm.  Many of the well accepted features in the current 1-2 tonne range such as the retractable undercarriage, upper-structure tie-down points and advanced diagnostics are available as standard on the E17Z. 

New Range of Rigid Frame Telehandlers

At Plantworx, Bobcat is showing for the first time in the UK the T40.180SLP 18 m and T36.120SL 12 m models from the company’s new range of rigid frame telehandlers, backed by a three year warranty as standard.  The T40.180SLP will be equipped with a Bobcat Man Platform – it has a maximum lift capacity of 4.0 tonne, a maximum lift height of 17.47 m and a maximum forward reach of 12.8 m.  The T36.120SL has a maximum lift capacity of 3.6 tonne, a maximum lift height on stabilisers of 11.85 m and a maximum forward reach of 8.2 m. 

They are part of a choice of 11 new telehandler models for the construction/rental markets covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.1 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 18 m.  High performance is ensured by the new Bobcat D34 Stage IV/Tier 4 Final compliant diesel engine developed in-house.  The new telehandlers are designated using a new naming system showing lifting capacity/lifting height performance at a glance:

New Compressor-Generator

Completing the Doosan Bobcat display are the latest generators, compressors, light towers and construction tools from Doosan Portable Power including the first showing of the new 7/41TTG compressor incorporating an on-board 8.5 kVA generator.  The new integral 8.5 kVA generator is one of a number of important options available on Doosan portable compressors and meets a specific requirement in utility work by providing both electrical power for lights, tools and fusion welding and compressed air for powering breakers and other pneumatic equipment.  The 7/41TTG supplies 4.0 m3/min of compressed air at 7 bar output pressure. 

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