UK Plant Traders  will never ask you for personal information such as website log-in details or credit card numbers in an email, and will never charge advertisers to make changes to adverts.
Below are some hints and tips when buying & selling used plant machinery  or commercials vehicles. In the current climate none of us are experts in buying and selling, but these tips might help you.
  • When pricing your item be as realistic as you possibly can. do a bit of research and find out what similar models have sold for recently.
  •  You Can use this site to give you an idea fair price.
  • Don’t price the item too high as people will ignore your advert and choose a cheaper one.
  • Take Clear Photographs from as many angles as possible (remember you can have up to 5 photographs for each item in your item depending on the type of advert you choose to use)
  • The following photographs are useful to have in the advert
  • Side Shot, Front, Back, Inside Cab, Engine, Hours/Mileage, Serial Number Plate, Photographs of modifications/ special attachments and Test Cert.
Be specific in your adverts.
  • The more exact your information is the more people will be interested in your advert.
  • Give as much contact details as possible  always give your email address and a phone number just in case you are not contactable. Otherwise potential purchasers may just give up.
Communication with Buyers
  • If a buyer is genuine they will be forthcoming with their own information. Even something like a “withheld number” gives the impression that they are timewasting.
  • Keep details of all callers so that if a deal falls through you can move on to the next person on the list. Also you may have something similar to sell in the future so you could contact them to see if they are still interested.
  • Before the potential buyer comes to view the item for sale make sure you have all the necessary details to show them.
  • If the item is in bad need of repair either make sure repairs or done or be honest with the purchaser so that everybody knows where they stand.
  • Either Cash or a bank transfer is the safest form of payment. However if you receive a cheque make sure the funds are cleared before allowing the purchaser to take the item with them.
  •  The above information applies to the buyer also, but in “reverse”!
  • Do some research and see what similar items or machines have sold for recently. Use this site to give yourself some indication of what other dealers are selling their machinery for!!
When Contacting The Seller
  •  Have a list of questions you want to ask written and in front of you when phoning the seller. It is easy to forget to ask important questions and you don’t want a wasted journey if you go to view the in
  • Make sure you test drive the item. It is the only way you will get a good “feel” as to whether it is truly suitable for your requirements.
  • If you know someone who has a good understanding or they have some knowledge  about the type of machinery you are buying. Take them with you a genuine seller wont mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle. You wont get if you don’t ask!
  • Before paying for the item make sure you check that all previous finance has been repaid. You don’t want to buy something that could be repossessed because the previous owner hadn’t fully paid for it.
Finally thank you for taking the time to read our help & advice page. If you would like any help.
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