Garic Ltd quality Wheel Washing products

Garic Ltd quality Wheel Washing products

Wheel Washing Solutions

We offer a number of wheel washing solutions, using groundbreaking technology and environmentally friendly systems which provide an unrivalled wheel-clean experience for your site equipment.

From our Enviro wheel wash system to disease control solutions, Garic’s team of experts can advise you on the best wheel washing service to meet your site needs.

Our elevated enviro wheel wash system is a fully environmentally friendly wheel washing system which is totally self contained with its own power, water filtration and water recirculation. It gives you a fully powered spray which cleans all the chassis and tyres of any large vehicle on site.

Our wheel wash systems are fully automated and don’t require anyone to operate the washing cycle once installed. In addition, the filtration system is easy to maintain due to its easy-clean water catchment area and it requires no electrics because it runs off a simple and reliable 6″ diesel pump.

The Enviro wheel wash has been specifically designed to sit on the surface so no ground work is required (ideal if you cannot excavate the ground to install eg: city centres, hard clay etc). As an alternative we also provide wheel wash systems that can be installed into the ground if you have the option to excavate.

For further information call our dedicated hire/sales desk on 0844 417 9780.

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