Does Social Media Advertising Work

Does Social Media Advertising Work

Social media advertising doesn’t work alone

This is true; it needs to be part of a marketing strategy that will encourage your client to engage with you.

Building a relationship

Social media advertising is far different to any other traditional form of advertising.

In traditional advertising, you get your message out there in the hope potential customers respond by buying your product.

In social media advertising, you can’t do this; you’ll need to work hard on building a good relationship with a perspective buyer, not just trying to sell to them. You also have to work on integrating your advertising message into your own online activities.

Facebook sponsored posts are an excellent way to get your message directly into the news feeds of fans and their friends. Make sure the sponsored post provides some value though, such as offering a discount or providing tips, rather than just promotion of your brand. That way, you’re joining the conversation rather than interrupting it.

Staying relevant

Create adverts targeting different audiences with different needs. Create adverts that are relevant to each target market; offer content that makes their lives easier, solve their problems, or entertains them.

Staying relevant means you need a greater understanding of your market and what’s important to the groups within the market. But most of all resist the temptation to advertise to users who don’t fit your target profile. This way, you won’t bombard clients with duplicate content.

Making it fun

Social media advertising doesn’t have to be serious all of the time, unlike traditional advertising. In traditional advertising you might get an under a minute to get your point across and drive consumers down the marketing funnel. Social media advertising only has to tweak a client’s interest to learn more.

This means you can be far less corporate with your social media advertising. Grab their Attention — Then let your website do its work.