CPCS Training

CPCS Training

Construction Plant Competence Training

CPCS stands for the Construction Plant Competence Scheme – a card scheme to prove the skills of plant operators. It is based on a combination of professional competence and health and safety awareness – two essential qualities for operating plant. The card is required to be able to operate most categories of plant on MCG (Major Contractors Group) and NCF (National Contractors Federation) sites. Put simply, it is the main standard for plant operators. After passing your test on your chosen plant machinery, you can upgrade your red card to a full competent blue card, but you will need to complete your NVQ.

Trained Operator (Red) Card

CPCS Red-Trained Card
The requirements for this card are:
Pass the relevant CITB Health, safety and environment test
Achieve the CPCS Theory Test (within two years of the CITB Health, safety and environment test)
To carry out any training necessary to bring you up to the standard required to pass the CPCS Technical Test
Both CPCS Theory and Practical Tests are delivered by our accredited CPCS Test Centre or off centre if applicable to the appropriate Off-Centre categories.
Achieve the CPCS Practical Test (within six months of the CPCS Theory Test and within two years of the CITB Health, safety and environment test).
On achievement of the CPCS Practical Test, our CPCS Test Centre will request the CPCS Trained Operator (Red) Card on your behalf.
Your CPCS Trained Operator card will last for 2 years.


Competent Operator (Blue) Card

CPCS Blue-Competent Card

To upgrade you Red Card to a Blue Card, you need to complete a Level 2 NVQ in Plant Operations

Your CPCS blue Competent Operator Card will then last for 5 years

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